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Day 1

Today’s wet arrival soon turned into a fun filled afternoon of new and interesting experiences. Throughout the afternoon we have been guiding each other through forest obstacle courses, turning our hands at fencing and even designing and creating our very own water powered rockets!


The children have had  continuous beaming smiles and have all eaten very well.


Tomorrow we are looking forward to making the leap of faith!


Year 6


Day 3

Wednesday proved to be an adrenaline packed day of adventurous activities. We started our day with a tricky climbing exercise where pairs of children needed to work their way to the top of a series of logs set out like a giant ladder.

Each group of children then tackled the problematic job of both designing their own shelters and then constructing them - from materials found on the ground in a small wood. The results were amazing! Most teams managed to construct a water proof shelter which could house 4 or 5 children. They then gave a brief description of their shelter explaining the features and advantages of their new homes. Many of which had gardens (mainly comprising of mud) new age furniture (logs and the occasional fallen tree) we even had one property with both an upstairs with two bedrooms and a basement, although neither of these were available to view during our tour. At the reasonably valued asking price of £3.50, it’s a steal for this area.


We have also put on our Robin Hood caps and shown off our skills during archery followed by a 20m vertical climb. The evening’s activities saw every child in fits of laughter and uncontrollable smiles at our Pool Party. The night then drew to a close with a camp fire offering warmth, songs, hot chocolate and toasted marsh-mellows for all.

See you all soon,

Year 6

Day 2

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day and what a meal it proved to be. With a mixture of cereals, bacon, toast, beans and much more, we all started our second day of adventure in style!

To fill our day we have been working together in team challenges involving balancing acts and outdoor puzzles designed to promote team work and communication. It turns out we have several leaders in Year 6 and more than our fair shares of problem solvers too. Every child has also braved the dark, manoeuvring their way through a maze of tunnels underneath the site and possibly the most challenging experience of all, The Leap Of Faith. Without a single exception, everyone attempted the nerve racking climb to the top of the tower. Many children overcame their fear and jumped for the bar which was just out of reach. The resulting applause and cheering would have filled a football stadium.

The children are having the time of their lives!  Tomorrow we all face the climbing wall!

See you all soon,


Year 6  


Day 6

Almost Too Much To Squash into One Day


Today’s entertainment began at the beach. We took a lazy stroll through the local field and down to the rocky beach. The children spent their time drawing in the sand, digging holes and immobilizing friends by burying their feet in it, searching for sea creatures in the rocks and much more.


After our- by this point - much needed lunch break we put on our harnesses again for another tower climb, this time for the Zip Wire. The children were astounded by the sheer size of it. Running from one end of the field to the other, the zip line ride really picked up speed towards the end.


The two teams of Year 6 children then met on the playing area for some team based games. Many of which we are excited to be bringing back to Lexden Primary with us. To bring our last evening to a close, the children put on their helmet, strapped themselves into their go cart and hit the pedal to the metal. They enjoyed every second of the racing and laughed hysterically as they forgot to turn resulting in the most spectacular collisions into the side walls.

A Final mystery to solve…


Who kidnaped Mickey Mouse? Possibly some of the most convincing acting I have seen. Drama students all over the country would be proud! A few of the children dressed up as world class super villains, before taking a few minutes to get into character. They then gave a statement to the rest of the class – the detectives. Through their deductive reasoning and fine-tuned questioning, which could be likened to Sherlock Homes himself, our detectives managed to solve the mystery and catch the villain dressed in black and white.


We are all looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.


Year 6 and the team