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What a day,


The first day has truly been an brilliant. We are all sleepy and looking forward to see what tomorrow brings. The rain has held off and the sun has been shinning. We started off with a tour around the site and all of the children were excited to simply play amongst themselves – no entertainment needed!

Next, and this really was an event in itself, came the bed making. Although I am sure most of your children sleep in bed each night, when it comes to making a bed on the top bunk… good grief. I can honestly say it was an experience for all concerned.

We then arrived at the meeting point for our first activity and proudly showed off our excitement through singing the first warm up chant – which should have put Lexden School on a Kingswood leader board (the noise was incredible).


After splitting into our two groups and having a small timetable change, some of the children tried their hand at go karting whilst the others took to blasters in Laser Tag. A quiz and a cup of hot chocolate completed our evening and within 5 minutes in bed they were all asleep.


We are all missing you very much. Enjoy the peace while you can.


Mr Gilbert and the Kingswood team.




Day 3

The very best morning wishes to you all from us here at Kingswood.


Sausages, hash browns, beans, yoghurts, fruit and much more awaited us, once the children finally dragged themselves out of bed.


Today has been enlightening. The children have been working as a team with some of the most amazing communication skills and organisational capabilities. They were give several team challenges including organising themselves on a giant seesaw in such a way that it would balance. Several children took it in turns to take the lead and they managed to balance up to 14 children at a time of the huge piece of equipment. They then were set the task of climbing a 4 foot wall as a team followed by a 6 foot one after. The children worked together as a finely oiled machine.

 The next activity is the one I am sure your children will be talking about for year to come… the Leap of Faith. I was amazed to see just how many of the children made their way to the top. The ear piercing screams of support, from the group, definitely helped here. Archie volunteered himself for the first go and although his voice failed him during the countdown (probably the realisation that he was actually about to jump) he gave it everything and completed the first jump for our school – Hats off to him. That set the bar high for the rest of the group and they did not waver in sprit or enthusiasm.


We had a fencing class after dinner and then made our way to the camp fire. The children had continuous smiles beaming from their faces – when they weren’t either eating marsh mellows or drinking hot chocolate. They sang songs, had a joke competition (Jude represented our school for this) and followed the leaders with dance moves.


We are all looking forward to the next day. I would like to add, the children have slept exceptionally well, within minutes of the lights being turned off the children are asleep – without exception.


See you all tomorrow J



Day 2

Good morning all. Mrs King, Mrs Johnson and I were pleasantly pleased this morning, to find all children still sleeping soundly (some of them, even after their third wake-up call). After a breakfast fit for a king, we started our fun filled day of activities.

Nightline was a real eye opener! We had a quick game of Simon Says: credit to Grace who managed to take the lead, not even Thomas could keep up. The children then fashioned their blindfolds and made their way through a maze of obstacles. Their communication skills were excellent and the smiles of their faces, once they had a look in the light at what they had navigated through, were something to behold.


We were pleased to welcome Mrs Emson-Sewell. The children were able to whiteness her archery skill first hand - Robin Hood would have been proud. We then made our way to the bouldering wall (climbing wall) where we learnt about the different types of grips before using our skills to transvers the course. Both Archie and Dempsey-Ray managed win challenge game through a skilful and quick horizontal climb across the wall.


The vertical climbing wall really brought out some of our keen climbers. Every child gave it an attempt and managed to reach their target level. Emmie even managed to persuade a victory cheer from her group.


There have been lots of challenges and although individual children may have struggled at times, as a team we have persevered and refused to give up. The children are now resting after a long day with a feeling of self-satisfaction, a sense of achievement and an enhanced pride in their fellow peers. 

Day 4

Good morning,

 The final day has been thrilling. We have had a none-stop action packed 14 hour hours of excitement. Our day started off with the usual heaped plates of breakfast.

We arrived at our fist activity, shelter building, with buckets of enthusiasm. The children were shown different styles of shelters, which can be constructed with forest materials. After being split into two groups they then began to construct their master pieces. The final results were amazing. Each group constructed a working shelter which would withstand wind and rain. The team work was a sight to behold. Every member of every group took to their individual tasks including creating water proof layers, material collection and creating a garden.

 Jacobs ladder came next. This is always a challenge but the children gave it their all. In pairs the children began to climb the structure making it as far as possible with in the time limit. They had to work together as a pair pushing and dragging each other further up the obstacle.

 Mr Candler arrived just in time for lunch, almost as if it were planned. We split back into our two groups. Laser quest and Caving followed. The children were all very brave in the tunnels and every child managed to enter the first room with most of the children then continuing to navigate their way through a series of tunnels in the dark.

There were so many more activities I would love to tell you all about, but our final day is approaching and sleep is needed by all.


See you soon,


Mr Gilbert and the Kingswood Team.