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Group 1


Today's work is homophones and commonly confused words.  Read through the sentences carefully and choose the correct spelling.  There are 3 sheets.

Have a lovely weekend.

Stay safe and well.  

Group 2

Read the following text and answer the questions. Some children will find this difficult to read by themselves so it is fine for you to help them with the reading and you ask them the questions verbally. Answers do not need to be written down unless you want them to do so.

Mrs King's Maths group

2D shapes

Look at pictures or drawings of 2D shapes (square, circle, triangle, rectangle, pentagon) and ask your child to name them. Keep practising until they are secure.

Go on a shape hunt around your house and/or garden. How many examples of each shape can they find? If possible, get your child to record their findings in some way. This could be drawing the objects, writing their names or taking photos. 


Watch the video below for a bit of fun!