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Group 1


I hope you enjoyed developing your inference skills last week.

This week is a grammar revision week.  We are going to revise PRONOUNS, PREFIXES, INDEFINITE ARTICLES and some of the statutory spellings. 

Once you have revised these areas, you are going to solve the Mystery of the Emoji's Missing Colour by applying your understanding of the above grammatical skills.

Follow the activities in order to revise all areas before attempting the mystery.  You can do as many of the sheets as you like in a day, as long as you complete the work by the end of the week.


Activity 1 - Pronouns help us avoid repetition in our writing.  Can you select the appropriate pronoun to complete the sentences?

Extension - Write and punctuate your own sentences with pronouns and underline the pronouns you have used.

Activity 2 - Prefixes are a group of letters placed before a root word.  We have explored lots of these before.

Example; freeze (root word) anti- (prefix) = antifreeze.

Can you recall some of the other words you have learnt that use the prefix anti-?

Complete the chart below with your own examples of root words that use the prefixes re-, bi-, dis-, mis-, pre-, over- and un-.

Then select the prefixes on the next sheet to complete the sentences.

There are two levels.  Choose the one you feel able to do independently.

Extension - Find examples of prefixes in a chapter of a book you are reading or a newspaper article.  How many can you find?

Activity 3 - Use a or an (indefinite article) correctly in these sentences.

Tip: If a word starts with a vowel (a, e, i, o, u) use an

If a word starts with a consonant, use a

What do you notice about the words hour, heir, university and the indefinite article?  Why do you think this is different?  

Think about how you pronounce it.

Now try the MINI TEST.

Activity 4 - Complete the crossword using the clues.  All answers are from the list of statutory words.  The answers are attached.  

If you are struggling, ask an adult to write the answers (provided on the 2nd sheet) on a separate piece of paper for you to choose from.

Activity 5 - Now bring together all your skills to solve the Mystery of the Missing Emoji's Colour.  Work your way through each of the 5 clues to discover the culprit responsible.

Use the 2nd sheet to tick off the answers to each clue and find out which emoji stole the colour.  

Don't forget to continue with Spelling Shed to help improve your spellings.

Group 2

Welcome back! I hope you had a lovely half term and were able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. Maybe you were even able to meet up with a family member or friend. It's the small things isn't it?


Now that staff and some children are going back to school this week, I have changed the way this work will be presented. From now on, I will upload the work for the whole week over the weekend. That way, you will have access to a full week's worth of work from either Saturday or Sunday until the following weekend. That way, you can work through at your own pace and you can download or print anything you need all in one go. I hope this is useful.

As before, Spelling Shed is available to practise spelling and phonics daily.

The timetable and resources are all attached below.

Mrs King's Maths group

As mentioned above, staff and some children are back to school this week so I will upload a full week's worth of work each weekend so you have it for the whole week.

Every lesson has a little starter that recaps previous learning just to keep it fresh.