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Please find here activities and ideas to help support your child with their home learning.

I shall be uploading various learning challenges for you to complete with your child; which will help to support their overall learning and development.

Please keep in touch via your child's Tapestry journal and upload photos of their learning at home.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me via your child's learning journal. 

Many Thanks,

Miss Falkowski

Here are three different stories that are "Early Years friendly" if your child is confused or anxious about the Coronavirus. 

Dave the dog:

Why We Stay Home, Suzie Learns About Coronavirus:

Child friendly explanation of the Coronavirus:

Please click on the link below to see some signed songs and stories.

There are two lovely videos of school children signing songs too

Fun Day Friday         Fun Day Friday         Fun Day Friday 


Good Morning,  

Today's challenge is to get creative with vegetables. Maybe you could do some printing with a potato or other vegetables, or try painting with a carrot instead of a paintbrush. Explore the different types of marks you can make. Maybe you could help to peel, chop and mash vegetables with an adult to supervise. Do vegetables look different inside? You could also do a cooking activity. I love carrot cake and leek and potato soup. Can you think of a vegetable based recipe that you like? I have attached a vegetable soup recipe below.

Have a lovely day and enjoy the weekend :) 

Challenge 2:

join in with the 'Betsy the Banana' Cosmic Yoga session and to sing the song 'I dig my garden', we sing this song at Nursery, can you remember the actions? Can you also learn the new song 'Five orange carrots' and practise finding one less of a number. Maybe you could sing the song with a grown-up and start from 10 carrots. Use your fingers when you count down from 5/10. 

Betsy the Banana:

I dig my garden:

Five orange carrots:

Challenge 3:

Practise your counting and number recognition. Maybe you could count fruit or vegetables that you have at home. You could practise your counting using pencils, pens, pasta, socks etc. Please get creative with your counting. There are some Oliver's Vegetables number sheets below to use as well. Can you practise writing or tracing over numbers? Can you match the amount to the correct numeral? Remember, you can use a number line to help or ask a grown-up to write numbers down for you to use and copy. 

Challenge 4:

Listen to our new focus story and draw pictures of the fruit and vegetables you like to eat. Can you identify their initial letter sounds and write or copy the letters? There are also some further tasks for you on the home learning sheet below. 

If you have some potatoes or carrots at home, maybe you could put them into order of their size or length. 

Challenge 5:

This week's focus story is 'Oliver's Vegetables'. Please listen to the story and become really familiar with it, so you can talk about the story to an adult. 

Oliver's Vegetables story link:

You could also practise your pencil control and name writing today. 


Maths games  (free and Tablet-friendly)


Numbers and counting

Please continue to encourage your child to count at home and to recognise written numerals. 

At Nursery, we watch YouTube videos to help with counting and number recognition. Please continue to watch these with your child during this period of being away from school. 

Here are some of the videos we use below: 

Lets Count to 20

10 Little Numbers:

5 Little Ducks:

Lets Get Fit- Counting to 100 (they love this one)

5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer

10 in the bed:


 Letters and Sounds

Please  continue to support your child with becoming familiar with Letters and Sounds during the period they are away from school. 

As you know, we usually focus on a 'Sound of the Week' at Nursery, so maybe you could continue that at home. We use videos to help teach children their sounds and play matching games and listening games, identifying initial letter sounds. 

Here are some of the videos we use:

Jolly Phonics

The Letter Song

The Letter A song (all letters available- this is a popular one)


Below are some other resources which may help to support teaching Letters and Sounds. 

If you have any questions, please do contact me via Tapestry.

Miss Falkowski

Keep Moving

Some of you may be joining in with the Joe Wicks daily PE sessions, but if you are finding this a bit too tricky, Andy's Wild Workouts may be more suitable for younger children. I did a session and it was lots of fun! 

Andy's Wild Workouts:

Please encourage your child to continue to practise putting their socks and shoes on and taking them off. It would also be great if they can begin to get dressed and undressed by themselves, if they are not already. Buttons, zips and tights can be very tricky, but if your child starts practising now, they will be a little pro by the time they start Reception class!

Parent's Corner

Recipes and Scavenger Hunts

Thank you for sharing your Home Learning with us. 


We are keeping safe at home and enjoying Home Learning

Sophie made a Tik Tok video to celebrate Deaf Awareness Week 2020