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Thursday 26th March

Good morning everyone, it is another lovely day, so hopefully you will be able to get out at some point for your daily exercise and enjoy the sunshine.

Thank you for your updates on Tapestry, Mrs Ellis and myself really enjoy seeing what the children are getting up to everyday.  



Today we are going to make the most of the resource Phonics Play as there are lots of great games on there for the children to enjoy. Have a go at Rocket Rescue, so the children can practise their spelling (you will need to help them with the sounds after 'or' on the phonics mat) and Make a Match, as that helps them practise blending words together. I also found these funny comics for your children to read, so why not give that a go.

Have another go at the annoyingly catchy phase three tricky words song by following the link below and they also have a version for phase two - so why not give that a go aswell .... that way it will really get in your head?!?!

Phonics Play is a resource we use in Reception, and they are offering parents and children free access to their online resources. Click the following link to set up your own account! Username - march20 Password - home
The children enjoy playing Obb and Bob and Buried Treasure, but feel free to give any of the games a try. If you have any queries, feel free to contact me via Tapestry or e-mail.  



We have had lots of great photos from the children of their beans that are starting to grow. So, the maths challenge for today, is to find objects that are taller and smaller than their beans. You could draw two columns and ask your child to label them 'taller and 'smaller' - remind them that we have learnt the word 'all' as it is a tricky high frequency word - where could they look to remind themselves how to spell it - prompt them to think of their Phonics Booklet. They will need help with the 'er' sound but that is absolutely fine and you could challenge them by looking on the Phase Three Phonics sound mat, to see if they can find a picture with the sound 'er' in it. Collect objects from around the house and measure them against your bean, ask the children to draw them in the correct column and encourage them to label them. What do you do if your bean isn't growing yet I hear you ask??!! Well then, your child gets to choose an object that they can measure other items against :-) Keep hold of their table as you can look at this again over the coming days and see if some of the objects might need to move columns! 



Yesterday, the children came up with lots of great ideas of the mischief that the Naughty Bus might get up to. Today I would like them to write another one of their idea's, as to what the Naughty Bus has got up to, and draw a picture to go with it. Remember, this will be tricky for some of the children, so it is absolutely fine to write what they can't - just encourage them to write the words and sounds that they know and the first sounds in words. 

You can watch the video clip on the Naughty Bus by clicking the link below: 

Don't forget to start your sentences and his name with a capital letter, finish your sentence with a full stop and very important ... don't forget those finger spaces!

Mrs Ellis and myself are looking forward to seeing the mischief that your Naughty Bus has got up to on Tapestry. 


Remember to do these activities in short sessions, and make sure your children spend lots of time playing, At this age, playing is where they do lots of learning. Never underestimate the power of play!

Have a great day everyone and don't forget to keep in touch. 


Reading Books

Just a reminder of the website Oxford Owl. They are a publishers that produce books for children to help them with reading. They have lots of free books that the children can read at home, so feel free to have on their website to get some more reading material. Just remember to have a quick look at the book first before you ask your child to read it. If it is too tricky for them, they will doubt their own abilities and get despondent, so please don't choose a book that will challenge them too much.


Ideas to get busy with ...

As we want to make sure that the children enjoy their learning, rather than compiling a big sheaf of worksheets, I have given you some ideas of activities that you can do with your children at home. I am also including on here the Phase 3 Phonics that they would be learning over the next few weeks, so if your child is ready, feel free to start teaching and practising the new sounds with them. Any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us via Tapestry. Mrs Western and Mrs Ellis