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Signed Songs for Assemblies

This term we will be practising Harvest songs mainly. They are songs that most of you will already be familiar with.


Here are some key things to remember when you’re signing:

  • We do not need to use our voices. Instead we use our hands and mouths to communicate but we don’t make any sound. So now is the time to switch off your voice!
  • It is important to get your hand shapes right as otherwise the signs may not make sense.
  • A lot of signs are quite easy to remember because they are similar to what you would expect them to be, but others may take some time to remember!
  • Hopefully your teacher will pause the videos so you can practise each verse and chorus then put it all together at the end.
  • Most importantly, enjoy it and we hope you like learning lots of new signs :)

The Lord’s My Shepherd

The chorus for this song is in two parts so half the class will need to copy Mrs Purcell and half will copy Mrs King.

Harvest Song

This is one you will need to practise ready for Harvest assembly in October.

Turn Back the Clocks

This is another Harvest song that you need to practise.