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Some of the children's favourite games include Flashcards - speed trial, Obb and Bob and Buried Treasure!

Mrs. Jervis

Year 1

Friday 27th March 


Today we are practising the 'aw' phoneme. This phoneme is found in words such as raw, saw, claw and thaw. Can you practise writing these words? What other words can you think of? Remember to add the sound buttons. Can you write a sentence with words containing the 'aw' phoneme.

For example: I saw a cat with a black paw.


Today in English we will continue thinking about the phoneme 'aw'.

To start with watch this video on Youtube:      


Then there is a worksheet to complete. It is a snakes and ladders game with 'aw' words on the squares to read. Have fun playing the game! 


Today we are counting in tens. Can you count to 100 in tens, starting at 0? Can you count backwards in tens starting from 100 - this is more tricky - you can use your fingers to help you - if all 10 fingers and thumbs equal 100, 9 fingers equal 90, 8 fingers equal 80 and so on.                                                                    Today there is a worksheet to complete - count each set of tens and write the number - remember the number of tens goes first followed by the place holder 0. Once you have counted 2 sets of 10, then write which number is the biggest.


In topic work this term we have been looking at toys. I have included today a worksheet about toys that you can complete. Talk to your grown-up about the toys you can see on the worksheet. Then cut out the pictures and match them to the correct word.



 Toy Description worksheet.docDownload
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I have left the 'Toy Description Worksheet' available for you to complete over the weekend in case you run out of time.

Have a lovely weekend. See if you can draw a picture of something you have had fun doing this week.

Mrs Jervis