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Lexden Primary School

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Year 1

Friday 5th June.

Good morning children. I hope this finds you all safe and well. Hope you have fun with today's learning.



Today we are going to revise the split digraph u_e. This split digraph is found in words such as use, cute, tube. Remember there is always a letter that comes between the u and the e.  I would like you to play the game below. You can play by yourself or with someone from home.  Be careful not to choose a nonsense word!


Remember, Phonics Play (a resource we use in Year 1), are offering parents and children free access to their online resources.

Click the following link to set up your own account!  

Username: march20

Password: home




The Colour Monster

 Today I would like you to design your own Colour Monster. Draw your Colour Monster first using pencil and then decorate it however you like. You may like to colour it in, paint it or even use other materials you find around the house to do so.

I would then like you to write some instructions on how to make your own colour monster. Try and use time connectives, e.g, first, then, next, finally and imperative verbs (bossy verbs) e.g. draw, get, brush, paint, stick.

Don't forget to send me photos of your Colour Monster and the instructions on how to make them! I can't wait to see how you get on.



Position and Direction

 Today we are going to think about the position of one item compared to another.

 To begin with, you need to know left and right ( remember your finger and thumb make an L shape on your left hand - L for left).

You also need to understand above and below.

Have a practice with some items -

Can you put - a spoon to the right of a sock

                        a glass to the left of a fork

                        a book below a plate

                        a tissue above your head


If you have difficulties doing that, have another go with other objects. If not, try and answer the questions on the worksheet. Have fun!

 The resource further below may support your child's learning this week and is something which they can keep referring back to. 

Don't forget there are some tasks for you to complete on The CBBC song (Hip Hop Granny) listed on MyMaths is fun to join in with and may help.


This afternoon - Art

 After drawing and labelling a flower yesterday, this afternoon I would like you to draw or paint a flower. You could draw a bunch of flowers in a vase or just one flower growing in the ground. Remember to colour carefully so there are no white gaps! Make it as colourful as you can.




I am pleased to see and hear that the children are continuing to work very hard with their phonics at home. Below you will find the High Frequency Words that children need to learn to spell and read. These words are made up of decodable words (you can use your phonics to sound them out) and non-decodable words (you cannot sound them out and just need to practise, practise, practise them!) It would be great if you could continue to revise these at home. You may like to choose 5 to focus on each week and work your way through them. Get the children to write them and read them. Make it fun my writing them in chalk outside, splatting the word an adult calls out etc (Pinterest has some great practical ideas if you search high frequency word activities.)


Remember to also log on to (details sent out last week) and access the spelling shed to practise your spellings. Some of you have been logging on and working really hard - well done. We can see the scores you got  :  )  .Miss Gildea  added new spellings on Wednesday evening. If you have any trouble logging in, don't hesitate to email us. 



There is a great reading website called Reading Eggs that is offering a 30 day free trial.  It is very quick and easy to sign up to. 

Follow their instructions to create your own free account if you would like more support with reading at home during this time.


There is  a website which allows you to download free E-Books on to your Ipad, laptop or computer. Its great to hear that so many of you are keen to continue with your reading at home. 

If you click on the right hand section (browse by oxford level), you can search and refine books to your child's coloured band. 


Year 1 Home Learning Pictures 


Music always makes you feel better if you are feeling a little sad. Below is a website with daily music activities to take part in.                                             

Wishing you all an enjoyable weekend.

Take care of each other and stay safe.

Mrs Jervis