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Lexden Primary School

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Year 4

Hello Year 4, I hope you're all doing ok and keeping busy with school work and fun things! Remember there will be work set on this page every day - a piece of English, Maths and Topic.

Maths - using the Maths Mastery Autumn Scheme below, complete 2 pages of work linked to an objective (the fluency, reasoning and problem solving page per objective.) 

MyMaths - I have set an additional 5 tasks online via the MyMaths website for you to complete per week. I will be able to see your scores and will try leave feedback to you regularly!

English - This week your English work will be linked with either reading or spelling. 

Topic - This week your topic will either be PE, Art or RE.

Don't forget you can email me on - - to show me any pictures of work you've been completing or would like to share with me. I will check the email regularly so look out for my reply!

Maths - Complete two pages a day. Begin at Roman Numerals.

Reading Comprehension - Everyone should do either the 2* or 3* paper. MY guided reading group should do the 1* paper.