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Year 6

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all doing well and finding things to entertain yourselves.  We would love to find out what you have been doing so feel free to send us a picture to our new class email address ( and we will attempt to post the pictures on this page for all the class to see.  

In our house, Ralph and Max have been baking cupcakes, painting rainbows to go in our windows and helping us do lots of sorting and spring cleaning (as well as driving us a bit crazy!!)

Today's joke: Why did the student eat his homework?

Because his teacher said it was a 'piece of cake'!

Continue to visit this page each day this week for a piece of English, Maths and topic work.  In addition to this, you will now find 5 pieces of maths to complete by Friday 5th April on  

As ever, if you need us for anything contact us via the class email address or the admin email address.

Keep safe, Mrs Emson-Sewell, Mrs Patterson and the Year 6 Team

Monday 30th March-Maths

Look at the Learning Reminders before you begin, this will help remind you of our teaching in school. Then choose the task that suits you best, don't forget to use the answer sheet to check your answers. Remember that is useful to check after you have done three examples to check you have understood.

Monday 30th March-Topic

Over the next couple of weeks we will be learning about famous and inspiring inventors. Use the teaching screens, do your own research if possible and complete the task. 

If you have a different inventor that inspires you and you want to create a project about them we would love to hear about it!

Free fun ideas

Here is a great link where children can listen to a free audio story each day from The World's Worst Children 2!  Click on the link below:

While you are unable to to go out, why not take advantage of some of these Free Virtual Tours of World Museums, Educational Sites and Galleries.  

Click on the link below:

Additional work-Spellings

Work through all these spellings in your own time. Practise spelling the words you don't know, as well as the ones you do. Make sure you understand the meaning of all words on the list. When we set you writing tasks how many of these words can you include?

Monday 30th March - English (SPAG)

Use what use have learn from lessons in school to revise using semi-colons, colons and dashes from the sheets below.  

PE lessons

Find Joe Wicks PE lessons on youtube, or get outside on your bike, have a run, play football or put some great music on and dance!!

Maths vocabulary