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Lexden Primary School

Community, Courage, Curiosity and Commitment

Design and Technology





Photos in our gallery:

  • Year 1 created London out of junk modelling (Linked with Science and materials)
  • Making the Naughty Bus using wheels and axels, and racing them!
  • Designing and making a healthy fruit kebab
  • Creating sliding space books using levers and sliders
  • Year 2 designed and made healthy wraps
  • Year 3 made seasonal puddings
  • Year 5 used sewing skills to make stockings
  • Creating ferris wheels using a range of mechanisms 
  • Designing and making a pop-up book about the Titanic 


Design and Technology Statement of Intent






Purpose of Study:

D&T is an inspiring and practical subject that gives pupils lifelong skills. Using creativity and imagination, pupils  design and make products that solve real and relevant problems in a variety of contexts. They acquire a broad range of subject-knowledge and draw on other disciplines, such as maths, computing, science and art. Pupils learn how to  take  risks,  becoming resourceful,  innovative  and  enterprising.  Through  the  evaluation  of  design  past  and present, they understand the contribution that high-quality design and technology has on the creativity, culture, wealth and well-being of a nation.


Who is a Lexden Designer?

The Lexden Designer understands the nature of the design process and uses this to  research,  design,  communicate,  make  and  evaluate  a  range  of  prototypes  and products. They are resourceful, innovative and bold and can suggest ways to solve real and relevant problems. The Lexden Designer has a wide range of skills and can apply this understanding to a range of contexts, such as mechanical systems, electrical systems and structures. They understand the principles of nutrition and can apply this to meal design. These are skills that they will develop throughout their school time.


Key elements to our DT Curriculum:

Hands on and engaging learning opportunities that link with topics and other areas of the curriculum

In depth projects that build on skills throughout the pupil’s time within the school with clear progression.

Exciting and engaging tasks, high expectations, a variety of different areas are studied and a range of resources and equipment are used.

Lessons are sequenced across the school and therefore children are building on prior knowledge. Modelling on Kapow is very clear ensuring teachers can focus on imparting skills to the children.

The areas covered are ones that help all children within their everyday lives, e.g. an understanding of a healthy and balanced diet is covered throughout their time in school.

The school’s values are built into the topics, community, courage and commitment.