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Lexden Primary School

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Music at Lexden


Music: Statement of Intent




Purpose of Study

At ­­­­­Lexden Primary School, we are dedicated to creating an enjoyable and engaging experience of music for all children. By encouraging the children to participate in a variety of musical experiences, we are actively increasing their creativity, self-confidence and sense of achievement, whilst at the same time, allowing all pupils to develop their love of music.

We aim to provide a music curriculum which will enable each child to be successful in reaching their full potential.


Who is the Lexden Musician?

The Lexden Musician can use their voice and instruments creatively and expressively with increasing accuracy and fluency. They can listen to a range of high-quality music and musical styles with attention to detail and discuss and critique what they hear, with reference to the various dimensions of music. They can compose, in isolation and in collaboration, and perform confidently in front of an audience. The Lexden Musician has a strong understanding of music across history, genres, styles and traditions.

Lexden’s Curriculum

  Objectives across all strands of music are revisited and embedded within and across year groups and key stages to ensure cumulative fluency; • Repeated exposure to a wide range of high-quality music, across a range of eras, genres, styles and traditions, to ensure a broad musical education; • Development in all aspects of music to encourage creativity and self-confidence as a musician.

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