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Lexden Primary School

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Modern Foreign Languages Statement of Intent


Purpose of Study:

Language learning broadens children’s awareness of other cultures and languages: it gives children a new perspective of the world.  The language chosen for children at Lexden to study is French. The learning at KS2 is focused on giving children the chance to learn how to speak, listen to, read and write in a new language: to experience the fun of exploring new sounds and pronunciation and speaking and writing new vocabulary. Of equal importance, it is also intended to give children an understanding of how languages work and to make observations and comparisons between English, other languages they make speak and French. This will lay the foundations for language-learning in KS3.  


Who is a Lexden Language Learner?

A Lexden language-learner: 

  • Has developed an appreciation of the cultures and languages of others. 
  • Enjoys the opportunity to speak, listen to, read and write in another language. 
  • Can appreciate, explain and be proud of their progress in language learning. 
  • Is curious to explore new French vocabulary across a broad range of topics. 
  • Can recall key phrases and vocabulary in French, such as talking about themselves. 
  • Is familiar with the mechanics of languages to support them with future language learning, regardless of which languages they will learn in KS3. 


Key elements to our Modern Foreign Languages Curriculum:

  • The French curriculum we have adopted is both knowledge- and skills-based: children will learn about the French language and develop language-learning skills that can be applied to learning any language. 
  • Learners progress by working through a series of stages, from year 3 to year 6.  
  • Previous learning is revisited as the children progress, which helps learning to stick. 
  • Children have opportunities in each unit to appreciate and join in with songs, stories, poems and rhymes. 
  • Opportunities are provided to integrate French into everyday classroom routines to reinforce learning. 
  • Curiosity about new vocabulary is encouraged and bi-lingual dictionaries are on hand to look up words. 
  • We seek opportunities to link our French learning with Lexden’s values, each yeargroup’s termly themes and other areas of the curriculum.