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Year 2

Wednesday 30th September

Hello Year 2, 

Today is our last day of home learning. Please can you bring in any work that you have completed with you tomorrow. We will be carrying on with the English unit so that you can finish your stories and we will be moving on to the make stage in Design and Technology

Remember to discuss the Colour Monster at the start of the day, and throughout if it is needed.

Today Dibble and his friend Jellynaut are helping out the kitchen to make cheese scones. Let's hope they don't get too messy!

Stay safe,

Miss Searle

Any questions or work to share, please email

Home Learning: week beginning 28.09.2020

Each day I will be adding lessons for your child to do. They can be done in any order but they will follow the class timetable as much as possible. Spelling Shed and My maths have activities that are up and running.

We are going to be following a series of lessons about The Magic Paintbrush and creating our own story. Make sure you pause the video when she asks you to to carry out the instructions.

In today's lesson you will be starting to write your stories.

Today we will be looking at comparing calculations

There is one PowerPoint and one worksheet.

Watch and listen to the PowerPoint and complete the questions on the worksheet when prompted.

Remember the symbols:

< is less than

> is more than

= is equals/same as

We have one more country of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to look at - Northern Ireland.

Work your way through the PowerPoint making note of the following things:

Capital city

Largest freshwater lake (UK)

3 Landmarks

You will need to research to find the answer to these:

Longest river

River that runs through the capital city

Tallest mountain

Add these to the worksheet. Now we have information on all four countries of the UK!

Today we will be looking at /ew/ sound.

This sound is an alternative spelling to /ue/. It is found mostly at the end of words.

Log on to using march20 and home.

Complete the speed challenge test for phase 3 and 5 sounds.

Then grab some paper and pencil and have a go at writing these sounds. Sounding out carefully before writing down what you can hear.

flew, dew, blew, drew, stew, newt, screw, interview

Finish off with a game of Picnic on Pluto using/ew/.

This week we will be focusing on one feature seen in many Christian Churches - stained glass windows.


Focus in on the stained-glass window – symbolism and narrative – many people in the past were not able to read or write as well as we can today.

Use the template to design a stained glass window - using the cross as the main symbol. This will help make it easier to cut out when we are back at school. We will use black paper to make the outlines of the cross and window. Think about what colours you want in each pane - you can have more than one as we will can use strips of tissue paper.

Maths PowerPoint, video links and worksheet

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Resources needed:

 Features of Northern Ireland.docxDownload
 stained glass window template.docxDownload
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