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Year 5 home learning


For those of you not in school at the moment we miss you and we hope you are feeling okay.

If and when you are feeling up to it, below are links to 10 days worth of home learning. Just complete as much as you feel well enough to.

Remember you also have spellings on Spelling Shed, TTRS and MyMaths to keep you busy!

If you would like us to have a look at anything you have been able to complete please send it in to and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Take care, we miss you!

Mrs Patterson, Mrs Emson-Sewell and the rest of Year 5


Day 1

English: To understand the features of a persuasive letter

Maths:  Reading Pictograms

Science:  Healthy Diets 1

Computing: 3D modelling 

Day 2

English: To further investigate suffixes -ant, and -ent

Constructing Pictograms

Science:  Healthy Diets 2

PE: Dance-creating patterns 

Day 3

English: To explore pronouns

Maths:  Bar Graphs

Science:  Muscles and Exercise

Reading for pleasure 

Day 4

English: To generate points to use in our persuasive letter

Maths:  Interpreting Bar Graphs

Science:  The Circulatory System and Exercise

Computing: Making changes 

Day 5

English: To develop a rich understanding of words associated with feeling surprised

Maths:  Interpreting and Presenting Data

Music:  Body Percussion

PE: Movement patterns 

Day 6

English: To plan a persuasive letter

Maths:  Read and Interpret Time Graphs

Music:  Exploring Different Sounds

Computing: Rotation and position 

Day 7

English: To practise and apply knowledge suffixes -ant and -ent, including a test

Maths:  Comparing Time Graphs

Music:  Developing Body Percussion


Day 8

English: To develop an understanding of how to use formal conjunctions


Interpret Time Graphs

Computing: Making holes (you can choose to continue this unit for the rest of the week if you would prefer) 

Music: Developing Body Percussion

Day 9

English: To write a persuasive letter

Maths:  Construct Time Graphs

Topic lessons:

Day 10

English: To write a persuasive letter (free write)


Topic lessons: